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We currently have 200+ sailing staff on our ships and 30+ staff working in our office in Greece.

The key to the success of Eurotankers Inc. is the quality of its personnel and seafarers, most of whom have been with the company for years. Constant training and daily attention to professional and personal needs of  vessels’ crew enables the smooth operation of the ships.

The factor of being a small company with few ships, gives the opportunity to closely  monitor any needs which may arise in order to ensure the smooth operation of the company.



In everything we adhere to straightforward values that are central in how we handle our everyday operations and our fleet.  Our team is focused on finding the best solutions in a balanced and analytical way. 

We are logical and personal in our dealings and our interactions with our clients.  We are practical and hard-working, but also always incorporating new technologies and methods to improve our fleet and our office, and we do so with the knowledge and familiarity of our established and skilled personnel, who are passionate about what we do and have dedicated years to the industry.